End Effectors & Pickup Conveyors

 Case End Effectors & Pickup Conveyor

End Effector & Pickup Conveyor

Klippenstein Corporation has worked with  Fuji Robotics on a variety of palletizing applications as well as developing our own line of end effectors & pickup conveyors.

End Effectors & Pickup Conveyors…

Every customer has specific needs and our knowledge and expertise allows of to find the perfect solution for your application.  Cases only – no problem.  Bags only – no problem. Case and Bag – done that – no problem.  Two different end effectors for one robot – we have done that also – no problem.  Let us design a solution for you.

Klippenstein Corporation designs our own pick-up conveyors to meet the needs of cases, bags or both.

Multiple End Effectors can be docked next to the robot for easy transfer.