2018 – Corrugated Solutions

Bliss Case Stacker


Over the past 20 years, Klippenstein Corporation as been working with many of the corrugated cardboard providers with specialized solutions.  Klippenstein Corporation from producing laminated ends (above) for bliss tray and cases, creating custom base pads (below) for large appliances, or simply stacking formed trays (right) – Klippenstein has been creating solutions to keep up with the high pace of the corrugated industry.

Base Pad

Custom machines to assist with adhering foam pieces in place on cardboard, with flexibility in programming and design, as been in production for the past 15 years.  System upgrades can keep the most dynamic system running production and keeping up with changing markets.

Click on Base Pad and Stacker photos for videos – Laminated End Video is linked to the button below.