Pallet Stacker

Description of Machine…… Pallet Stacker-1

Designed and engineered for stacking pallets.  Empty pallets will  index in from the pallet conveyor to the pallet stacker.  The stacker will have a driven chain to index the pallet into the stacking hopper.  Once the pallet is in the stacking hopper, the hydraulic cylinder will raise the pallet onto the stacking ledge while tabs move into position to hold the load, so that there is room for the next pallet to index into the hopper.  Once the stacked boxes makes the upper limit switch, the stack of pallets will be ready to be removed with a fork lift.  No additional pallets will be indexed into stacking position until the hopper is cleared and ready to receive more pallets.

Industries who have used this model include…….

Bottle supplier, dairies, and other suppliers who need to move their product on pallets to other production areas.