Pistachio and Walnut – Nut Packaging Line

Klippenstein Corporation’s Pistachio and Walnut – Nut Packaging Line can be configured to meet a variety of needs.  Fully Automatic nut packaging line, includes bag insertion and Robotic Palletizing with multiple levels of customization for your specific needs.  Klippenstein Corporation can have your pistachios or walnuts boxed and ready for shipment.


Nut Packaging Line

We offer a Fully Automatic Nut Packaging Line that utilizes a tape seal for both the Fully Automatic RSC Case Former and Fully Automatic Case Sealer.  Bags can be inserted automatically into the box prior to being indexed under the scale, and then de-cuffed prior to sealing.  Once the box is sealed, it is conveyed into the robot cell and stacked for shipment.  Automatic shrink-wrapping can also be incorporated into your system. 

Pistachio & Walnut Packaging Line

Bin Indexing Line

We offer a Fully Automatic Bin Indexing Line that utilizes Klippenstein Corporation’s Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyor to stage 5 empty bins, to transfer 90 degrees to the scale and be filled, then transfer 90 degrees to the unloading section of Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyor.

Bin Indexer