Protein Case Sealer

Protein & Poultry Packaging Line

Klippenstein Corporation is constantly striving to stay with the latest technology Protein & Poultry Industries in order to provide our customers with unmatched state of the art packaging equipment.  Klippenstein Corporation specializes in Case Former, Case Erectors, & Case Sealers including a line of Standardized Machines with the capability of customizing for special projects / applications.

Klippenstein Corporation’s Protein & Poultry Packaging Line can be configured to meet a variety of needs.  Klippenstein Corporations Fully Automatic Line of Heavy duty machines can meet the needs of high production meat handling facilities.  Klippenstein Corporation can also provide custom stainless steel deep freeze conveyor.

Case & Tray Formers

Case Sealers

  • K503SFHM –  Fully Automatic Side Flange Case Sealers can be utilized for a variety of side flange applications including, but not limited to, the bliss display box used in the wholesale/warehouse stores.  Klippenstein Corporation has been manufacturing the K503SFHM for the poultry industry over the past 20 years with original units still in production!  National and California based poultry handlers have standardized their production on this heavy duty side flange case sealer.
  • PRK5031HMFully Automatic Pre-determined Random Center Seam / Side Flange Case Sealers are in production in pork and beef facilities.  They are able to handle a variety of case sizes while providing a secure seal in an environment where over-pack is the rule and not the exception.
  • RK500HM or RK500THFully Automatic Random RSC Case Sealers are also no stranger to the over-pack environment in the pork and beef industry.  These fully automatic random machines can be set up for a full range of height and widths, so that multiple pack lines can merge into one case sealer.

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