Large Box - Single Lane Tray Former

During the first portion of the video you can see the blanks indexing from the hopper – we installed limit screw on both rachets, so that the movement would be limited to releasing one blank at a time.  The second change is the addition linear rails, bearing and supports, so that the blank pick arm is now supported from both sides.  This smooths out the motion of the blank placement, allowing it to be more consistent.  Because we are running the large box, we added extensions to move that vacuum cups out to the sides.  This again provides more consistency to the pick and placement of the blank.  All these changes, along with some programming, to trap errors soon has helped to reduce jams in the mandrel.

We did find a loose wire in the electrical panel that may have contributed to the unexpected stops.

Everything runs smoothly at 30 cases per minute.  We will make some adjustments in the panel to see if we can run as 36 per minute tomorrow.

Additional support for the back of the hopper, so that the vacuum cups have a consistent surface to grab.  Eliminated most of the bouncing that occurred when placing such a narrow flat.

While I expect the tray former to drop better when we do the FAT – I did want you to see that we are forming boxes at the 40/minute rate.  We plan on speeding up the discharge belt to ensure that the trays are always out of the way.