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How Do Case Erectors Work?

Case erectors are used to create cases. They do this by using vacuum cups to erec the case and seal the bottom. The case is then ready to be filled with product, sealed, and sent on to palletizing. The machine produces three times the output of a worker and creates nearly perfect cases every time.

Let’s go through a few steps on how case erectors work.

Step One: Place the case board into the case erector.

First, the case is placed into the hopper of the case erector. The case will be erected with vacuum cups and sealed together with either hot melt glue or tape.

Step Two: Move case boards into place.

After the case is in place, clamps around it open to allow for more case boards to fit inside of them. The case boards are moved into place by a conveyor belt that rotates the case boxes as they move down the line.

Step Three: Close clamps and glue case boards together.

The clamps will then close, and the case boards will be glued together to create a sturdy case box.

Step Four: Remove cases from the case erector.

Finally, the case exits the case erector by an out feed conveyor that continues down the packaging line.

Industries That Use Case Erectors

Case erectors are used in many different industries.

Retail Stores

Retail stores use case erectors to create cases for various products in various sizes. The cases are then placed on a pallet and sent on freight trucks that deliver to the store where it can be shipped out to customers.

Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry uses case erectors to package their products in cases. The case is then placed on a pallet and shipped off to the grocery store or restaurant where it will be used.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry uses case erectors to produce cases for products. The case is then sent to the warehouse where it will be used for shipping products.

Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry uses case erectors to create cases that are used in many different ways, including shipping and storage of crops. This ensures all products get shipped out safely so they can reach customers near and far.

Case erectors are used in a variety of different industries, from retail stores to agriculture. This is because cases offer protection during shipping and storage, so the product inside remains safe and ready for use by customers when it reaches them.

Key Features of a Case Erector

There are many different case erector features that you should be aware of before purchasing one for your business. L</p

Automatic case erector

An automatic case erector has a hopper allowing your employee to load 100+ flat cases and continue on with other responsibilities. This makes the process much faster and easier, so you can produce more case boxes in a shorter amount of time with consistent quality.

Glue system & Tape Head

Are both great options depending on the customer’s wants and needs.

Customize Your Case Erector Equipment

Klippenstein Corporation can customize each piece of equipment it manufactures to meet the needs of each application. This means that you can get the exact case erector you need to help your business run more efficiently.

Klippenstein Corporation has been manufacturing case erectors for years and we’re experts in this field. We offer a variety of case boxes with different sizes and features so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

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