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Markem Imaje – Industrial Inkjet Printer

Every production center with packing and printing end processes needs printing and marking capabilities with minimal downtime and competitive functionality for optimal return on investment. When it comes to choosing printing and marking hardware, you have a lot of options. But only one printer is designed to deliver value over the long haul.

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Why Choose the Markem Imaje Industrial Inkjet Printer?

The Markem Imaje Industrial Printer offers efficiency in coding and marking for a simplified packaging process, lowering operational costs, and saving you on production time. If your business would benefit from these advantages, then this printer could be the one for you.

But there are many comparable products on the market. So why choose Markem Imaje?

For starters, the Markem Imaje is not a budget product. It is a peak quality printer built with the highest quality machining for minimal mechanical wear and optimal accuracy. Investing in one of these printers is a commitment to saving time and money over the long haul, but not upfront. To make a decision like that, you need to know that the quality will be there to support your decision.

The Markem Imaje gives you the option to use less ink-intensive print settings, saving you time and wear on the printer if you so choose. However, if high resolution printing is a necessity, the Markem supports that also.

But, easily the most important feature of the Markem Imaje is competitive up time. It is designed and engineered to run longer, and experience less downtime. The Markem is built for reliability, to be the workhorse in your printing lineup that you can count on when everything else fails.

In a high-capacity production center, one day of downtime can easily exceed the value of your investment. But of course, when most printers go down, they don’t go down for just one day. The Markem Imaje is specifically engineered to address that problem.


The Markem Imaje offers a wide range of functionality applicable to nearly any industry. But it is most popular in the following industries:

  • Fruit/Produce/Nuts
  • Dairy and Protein
  • Feed/Grains/Rice (Bagged or in Bales)
  • Large Appliance Case Sealing
  • Beverage (Soda, Beer, Wine, and Sake) Manufacturers/Distributors)
  • Custom Glue Applications (Foam Distributors)

The Markem Imaje has been most widely accepted in food, beverage, and agricultural settings. But it will perform well in any printing and packaging production center.

Key Features of the Markem Imaje Industrial Inkjet Printer

The Markem Imaje performs well at all levels of demand and use cases. It is designed to deliver high resolution, ink-intensive performance when needed, but it is not limited to high res, high speed settings. The Markem is most appreciated for its ability to run at sustainable settings with fewer mechanical issues than comparable printers.

  • Efficient Coding
  • Waste Reduction
  • Competitive Operating Costs
  • Reduced Maintenance Needs
  • Increased Up Time
  • Less Waste
  • Cost-Saving Print Options
  • Low-Consumption Settings

If the Markem Imaje is known for one thing, it is reliability. With affordably priced available consumables, minimal downtime, and flexible, high-quality performance, the Markem Imaje stands ready to meet any coding and marking need.

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