Markem-Imaje Partner

5800 - Large Character Inkjet Printer

  • Compact & reliable
  • Touch Dry Ink is solvent-free and dries instantly on contact
  • Readable barcodes do not bleed or fade
  • Ink can print on a variety of substrates and in numberous environmental conditions
  • Prints on multiple sides of the case in a range of jetting orientations
  • Connectivity to databases or ERP systems ensures data integrity via CoLOS  software
  • Message selection via barcode scanners and USB drive uploads
  • Operator-friendly, simple, and easy color touchscreen user interface standard
  • Inks formulated with non=hazardous materials
  • Environmentally-friendly and employee safe
  • Market-leading technology
  • No special handling
  • No flushing solution to clean system

9410 - Small Character Inkjet Printer

  • Icon-driven user interface and patented 7″ color touchscreen
  • Real-time monitoring of print autonomy
  • IP55-rated cabinet without air requirement available
  • Tabletop, wall-mounting, or stand-mounting options available
  • Lower consumption rates
  • Patented print head design

SmartDate X40

  • Intelligent print head with automatic setup
  • Onboard image adjustment with dead-dot detection
  • Reduction in power and air consumption
  • No on-site preventative maintenance visits
  • Dirct ribbon drive and improved cassette design containing no-wear parts