Palletizing Conveyor

Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyor

  • Powered Pallet Roller Conveyor
  • Gravity Pallet Roller Conveyor
  • Pop-up Transfer
  •  2-1/2″ Dia. Rollers at 4″ O.C. with Sealed Bearing and Hex Shafts
  • Drag Chain Pallet Conveyor
 Powered Conveyors include:
  •  VFD & Disconnect
  • 1 HP 240V or 480V 3 phase 60hz Motor

Pallet Dispenser

  • On demand dispensing of pallets per completion of robotic stacking
  • Pallet dispenser can be refilled without stopping robotic palletizing process
  • Customized to meet access requirements
  • Dual Dispensers available 

Slip Sheet Placement

  • Automatic placement of slip sheets prior to staging pallet at robotic palletizer.