Fuji Robotics

Fuji Robotic Palletizing

  • Case  Palletizing
  • Bag Palletizing
  • Bucket Palletizing
  • Spool Palletizing
  • 4 Axes
  • High level programming software offering complete onboard control
  • Pre-programmed pallet patterns
  • Real time I/O monitroing
  • Inventory monitoring
  • UL740 Certified
  • Error diagnostics
  • Error history log

Custom End Effectors

  • Bag End Effectors
  • Case End Effectors
  • Bag & Case End Effectors
  • Bale End Effectors
  • Pail End Effectors
  • Product and Slip Sheet/Tier Sheet End Effectors

Pick-up Conveyor

  • Product pick-up conveyor is engineered for optimal presentation to the robot.
  • On demand sensors ensure the correct amount of product is in place for proper stack pattern placement.