Fuji Robotics

Fuji Robotics is a number one manufacturer of cutting-edge Industrial Automatic Robotic palletizers. All Fuji Robotic Palletizer machines come with a wide range of features to make packaging and shipping products effortless. Whether your business packages fruit, dairy, or wine. You will benefit from using Fuji Robotic Palletizer. With over 17,000 palletizing robots installed worldwide, Fuji is a trailblazer in the robotic industry.

Why Choose the Fuji Robotic Palletizer?

When you buy a Fuji robot, you will get more than a robot. You’ll have a partner that will help your business thrive. Here is why Fuji Robotic will be the best fit for your business:

Bag Palletizing

You can count on our Fuji palletizers if you are looking for a machine for sack handling. Fuji offers preloaded palletizing patterns to achieve up to 30 bags per minute.

Case Palletizing

Fuji Robotic Palletizer comes in handy if you want to do case palletizing. All you have to do is choose an auto width adjustment feature. Then your Fuji Robotic will handle the rest. You will be able to pick more than one product simultaneously and speed up your production process.

Vacuum Palletizing

As a wine or soda manufacturer, sometimes you need a machine that can adapt to any environment. Fortunately, your Fuji Robotic is one such versatile machine. Whether you want to palletize or depalletize your product, the End Effector allows you to do that.

Key Features of the Fuji Robotic Palletizer

Fuji’s is suitable for any facility. It doesn’t matter if you want to stack pallets or load products onto conveyors; there is a suitable Robotic Palletizer for that need.

  • User-friendly software – Fuji Robotic Palletizer comes standard with palletizing software.
  • Linear track design – There is a linear track design that you can use for palletizing.
  • End effectors – There are end effectors for a wide range of applications.
  • Specialization features – It comes with specialization for bags, cases, pails, drums, and bottling applications
  • Multiple cycles – Up to 26 cycles per minute.
  • Energy-efficient machine – Fuji Robotic is 75% more energy-efficient than rivals in the market.
  • Thousands of installations – You will get over 13,000 installations.

Which industries will benefit from using Fuji Robotics?

A variety of industries can benefit from using Fuji Robotics. They range from fruit, produce, nuts, dairy, and protein, feed, grains, rice bags, or bales to extensive appliance case sealing, beverage, and custom glue applications.

Are you looking for a Fuji Robotic Palletizer for your business? Reach out to us today!

Fuji Robotic Palletizing

Hilltop Bag EE

Custom End Effectors

  • Bag End Effectors
  • Case End Effectors
  • Bag & Case End Effectors
  • Bale End Effectors
  • Pail End Effectors
  • Product and Slip Sheet/Tier Sheet End Effectors

Pick-up Conveyor

  • Product pick-up conveyor is engineered for optimal presentation to the robot.
  • On demand sensors ensure the correct amount of product is in place for proper stack pattern placement.
SG Case EE Closeup