Labels are crucial. Especially in a large-scale industrial setting, labels play a pivotal role in ensuring that all products are traceable and carry the correct information, such as manufacturing and expiry dates.

The crucial need to correctly label goods calls for reliable industrial label printers. These printers are not only label printers, but they represent a much more intricate part of the business. A reliable industrial labeling machine does not only mark or code a product, but it does so accurately to avoid smudges that might be very costly.

A reliable industrial label printer machine uses continuous inkjet technology to achieve this. These CIJ inkjet printers are the most common in the industry. For instance, the Markem-Imaje is a dependable industrial printer that employs CIJ inkjet technology.

Understanding Continuous Inkjet Technology

Continuous inkjet technology is used to print products and packaging during production and packaging processes. Technology is used to print expiry dates, promotional information, serial numbers, and batch and production information.

What makes CIJ technology applicable in these cases is the fact that it is non-contact. Meaning that while printing, it does not come in contact with the product or packaging. This allows it to produce high-quality labels and codes in versatile, high-paced environments.

How CIJ Printers Work

As the name suggests, a CIJ printer is a printer that deploys a continuous inkjet while printing. The ink comes from the ink reservoir to the printer’s nozzle to create an inkjet.

The jet of ink through high-frequency vibration is divided into ink droplets that are then charged by electrodes. The charged droplets are passed through deflector plates to create an electrostatic field. Depending on the label to be printed, the charged droplets are deflected as they go through the deflector plates. They are then ejected from the printer through the printer head and onto the product or packaging. The uncharged droplets go back to the ink system.

The choice of ink is imperative to ensure the print quality is produced as desired. In addition, the ink choices should adhere to the substrate to ensure durability and create sufficient contrast to be legible.

Why CIJ Is a Superior Printing Technology

CIJ is a preferred printing technology for industrial labeling machines. Its superiority in this arena is not coincidental.

CIJ printing is very flexible as it is applicable in various industries, including fruit, produce, and nuts, dairy, and protein bagged feed and grains, beverages and drinks, and custom glue industries, among others.

CIJ printers print fragile products. Since CIJ is a non-contact technology, it can easily print on fragile products. The ink is deflected from the printer, and only the ink lands on the product.

Since it is non-contact, the printer heads can be installed at a distance from the product. The distance created makes it possible to print on curved or uneven surfaces. Therefore, CIJ printers are the best industrial label printers for pipes, bottles, and cans.

The printers are flexible as they can use different specialty inks depending on the product. For example, heavily pigmented ink can be used on tires and cables. In addition, heat-resistant ink can be used for products that need to undergo heat processing after being printed. Also, food and beverages require their own specially developed ink to keep up with the food safety directives.


Having developed the inkjet technology in 1982, Markem-Imaje is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of this technology through their partners like Klippenstein. They use this technology to help businesses optimize operations, and comply with directives, protect products and improve customer satisfaction. For Markem-Imaje, it is more than a mark or a code. It is a way to make smart business decisions and help customers.

Reasons to Choose Markem-Imaje

  • It improves your data accuracy while making your line efficiency automated.
  • They offer all printing needs. Therefore, all your printing requirements are covered under one roof.
  • Markem-Imaje guarantees accurate codes and high-quality packaging
  • It allows you to serialize your products digitally.
  • It has optimized printer performance and exceptional equipment effectiveness.
  • Provides actionable information through the data it provides, which betters business operations
  • Allows for end-to-end traceability of items through the production line
  • It makes it easy for retailers to ascertain the authenticity of products and product data.
  • Empowers customers and consumers to authenticate product legitimacy and fit for use.

Using Markem-Imaje transforms your business by making your production line more reliable and efficient. Markem-Imaje enables your business to achieve compliance requirements, whether legal or sustainability provisions. Furthermore, your business can track products through the supply chain, which is an addition to efficiency. In addition, your business can create confidence in the customer and your brands.

Take Away

As crucial as what we produce is how we label the products and packages. Wrongful labeling can lead to catastrophic outcomes for business. Furthermore, low-quality labels can also impact business negatively. Therefore, it is paramount that every business invests in high-quality industrial label printers.

The Markem-Imaje label printers have stood the test of time. They have delivered high-quality labels for decades using their continuous inkjet technology. Due to their reliability and quality, they have grown to be industry leaders supported by partners like Klippenstein. Contact us today for more information on the Markem-Imaje label printers.